Support is available in a number of different ways:

Telephone Support


mobile-contactSometimes issues can be solved quickly and easily through a simple call.
Contact Paul on 07980 266206 or 01553 810131
Support available between hours of 0800 to 1700 Mon to Fri unless you have a support contract.

Remote Desktop Support


Call Magdalen Networks
Install the remote support agent from clicking the icon
Work together to solve the problem
Carry on with your work


Cost is £10 + vat for the first 10 minutes then
£30 + vat for up to an hour.

Reactive visits

 No internet, lack of printing and PC will not boot. These are all major issues which can usually only be solved with a site visit. Labour rates and travel costs relevant at the time will apply.
Keep our details handy:
Telephone:           01553 810131
Mob:                     07980266206

Maintenance Contracts


Regular checks on network equipment, servers aFolder with the label Maintenancend pc’s spot issues and trends before they become a major problem. PC becoming slow, backups not working, updates on hardware and software are all issues which can be tackled with regular maintenance.
Reactive visits and new projects may require a fast response. So contract customers have priority when they need it most.
Contracts are available and vary to suit the customer’s equirements.
Contract customers all benefit from constant equipment and software reviews to keep up with future trends and requirements.
Call now to see what it would cost you. Call Paul on 07980266206 or email


This service allows customers to have their networks and IT equipment assessed to ascertain potential major and minor issues. A verbal or written report will indicate all findings and where required, suggest improvements.
Looking at expanding or upgrading but do not know where to spend your money – Call Paul on 07980266206 or email